About Us

Our Mission

Meyer Shipping was founded in 1950 with a mission to facilitate the often complex shipping process most businesses find so daunting.  When it comes to moving business cargo or personal effects overseas, business owners and individuals are often at a loss where to begin. By offering services through which internationally operating businesses could function more efficiently, Meyer Shipping effectively bridges the logistical barriers which so often prove frustrating to shippers and consignees alike.

We understand that in today's marketplace, there are many international freight companies to choose from. Meyer Shipping continues to stand out as a leader in the shipping industry, by offering personalized service, as well as meticulous attention to detail. We fully understand how overwhelming moving cargo or personal items over long distances can be. We place our emphasis on simplifying the process for you. We operate with minimal overhead, thus enabling us to offer the most competitive rates.​ During our 65 plus years in business, we have learned the vagaries of the shipping industry, and developed a detailed understanding of all laws and guidelines pertaining to international and domestic freight. By permitting our experienced team to manage your shipping needs, you can be confident that your cargo will arive at its destination in a timely manner, and with all the proper documentation in place.